Saturday, 22 October 2011

Youtube Heroes

Youtube may only be 6 years old, be what it has created and led to is inspiring, youtube have made money, and with enough views, people who make the videos can make money too.

And its this principle that really blows my mind, you make a video of anything you want/that you think is really cool, and if the world seems to agree hello cash influx, this post is all about my YouTube legends.

You might well know some of the following legends, you might not, but all the videos are worthy of a watch, and all have trends that I'll discuss later on


FreddieW is the top of the Legends for me, over 2 million subscribers, he has made his own brand, he is everything advertising wants to be, cool enough to regularly look at every week, and i do, without fail, he's made some epic videos, and all are based on incredibly simple ideas with elements of humour.

This ones simple idea: Lets take away the normal bullets and gore, and add flowers. Bam, Visual worlds collide at its best.


Dubstep guns, probably their most famous piece, notice with this video how harmoniously the action and music combine, its perfect, and an effect done to look simple, but as were all learning, simple is the hardest thing to achieve.


If you've not heard of these guys by now, you probably live under a rock, and thats fine, if you like rocks, i wont judge, much.
Anyways, these guys made a cooking show look cool, they turned something we all know so well, and twisted it on its head and punched all the rules in the face, and you know what, it works, so damn well, they now sell shirts, and sell them well, they made a business out of the thing they enjoyed.

These are just a few of my Youtube Legends, i could show more, but this isn't about me (much) its about what these guys have in common.

Simple ideas

and that last one is key, they never became famous after 1 video, it took time, and work, just like advertising, you might get one right one week, and wrong the next, but those who succeed, keep going.

Above all else though, you have to love what you do, these guys do, and they keep doing it because they love it so much, it just so happens that around 4 million people across the globe also love what they do too.

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